Works Cited Generator

The works cited generator is a fully functional automatic generator that is capable of creating your MLA citations so you don’t have to. Regardless of the type of source you wish to cite, the works cited generator is designed to assist you in formatting your sources and to build your MLA works cited page.

To use this program is easy. All you need to do is to provide the required bibliographic elements, such as the complete name of the author of a work, the title of the particular source, the state where the work was published, and the year of publication, and enter them into their respective forms, and the citation generator will automatically work to create your citation.

As an added benefit, the works cited generator has a search function that performs a quick search for commonly used research sources, such as books, websites, scholarly journals, well-known newspapers, and magazines. You only need to enter a book’s ISBN, a website’s complete working URL, and article titles taken from journals, newspapers, and magazines, and the citation generator will show a number of relevant search results.

The list of MLA citations below is created by the citation generator:


Adler, Mortimer. Ten Philosophical Mistakes. New York: Collier, 1985.

Barnett, Randy E., ed. The Rights Retained by the People. Fairfax, Virginia: George Mason University Press, 1989.

Friedman, David. The Machinery of Freedom (2nd ed.). La Salle, Illinois: Open Court, 1989.

Gladstein, Mimi Reisel. The Ayn Rand Companion. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1984.

Mencken, Henry L. The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Torrance, California: Noontide Press, 1982.

Monod, Jacques. Chance and Necessity. New York: Knopf, 1971.

Narveson, Jan. The Libertarian Idea. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1988.

Nash, George H. The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America. New York: Basic Books, 1976.

Perry, Ralph Barton. General Theory of Value. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1926.

Veatch, Henry. Rational Man: A Modern Interpretation of Aristotelian Ethics. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 1962.


Armstrong, Ari. “Mises on Government: Size Doesn’t Matter.” (2012). The Objective Standard: Reason, Egoism, and Capitalism. (2012). 12 Jun 2012. <>

Cooper, D. “Lombard Street.” Practice Good Theory. (2012). 17 Jun 2012. <>

Hsieh, Diana. “Luck in the Pursuit of Life.” Philosophy in Action. (2012). 17 Jun 2012. <>

Stotts, Jason. “On Purpose.” Erosophia: A More Intimate Love of Wisdom. (2012). 17 Jun 2012. <>

Thomas, William R. “What is Objectivism?” The Atlas Society. (2012). 17 Jun 2012. <>

When you have your generated citation, copy and paste it into your MLA works cited page. Remember to list your MLA citations alphabetically by the authors’ last names.