The Correct Format for Your MLA Research Paper

As a reminder, the provided research format is in accordance to what is stated in the manual titled: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. But before using the structure mentioned here for your research, you must first ensure that you talk to your teacher or adviser because they may want some diversions from what is written here.

  • Paper Format

The best type of paper to use is the standard 8.5’ x 11’ white paper at 20 pounds in weight. When you are in your final draft, avoid using erasable paper as much as possible because they tend to cause blots. If you still make use of an erasable paper, it is advisable to present a good Xerox of it to your teacher.


  • Spacing

The directive is simple, when utilizing MLA, make use of double spacing always.


  • Margin Format

When using an MLA writing format, the paper’s margin on all sides is 1 inch, notwithstanding the side where the page number of each paper is found. When indenting a paragraph use .5’ while use 1’ when starting quotations. The said indentions will be about 5 spaces and 10 spaces when using a standard typewriter for the half and an inch measurements, respectively.


  • How To Make a Heading and a Title

There is no need to make a Title page for an MLA writing paper. The necessary information will be encoded in the first page of the paper. On the top left side of the margin, input your complete name, your adviser’s name, the course and year, then the date. They should all be written on separate lines and double-spaced. Then, you can now make the title of the paper after another double-space, using more than one line as needed. After that, you can now begin the body of the paper.

Additional reminders:

–          Do not underline the title.

–          Do not capitalize all the letters of the title only the first and last words including main keywords on the title.

–          Titles should never end with a period but you can utilize exclamation mark or question mark, if appropriate.

–          If the title is written using another language, utilize the rules as indicated in the rules found in the language, from the MLA guidebook or from what your teacher recommends.


  • How To Do The Page Numbers

Page numbers should be written and found on the topmost right margin of every page about half an inch from the edge of the paper. Use this format: (your last name) page #.


  • Labeling

When you use any kind of table in the paper, label it with the word “Table” followed by the appropriate Arabic numeral. Figures other than tables will be labeled with “Figure” followed by the appropriate number and description. Also, when using MLA in text citations label it with “Works Cited”. The quotations under your Works Cited section can be easily produced by using a MLA citation generator. With a MLA citation generator, you can be assured that using MLA in text citations will be done correctly.