Citation Maker

A citation maker is an online educational utility designed to assist students and scholarly writers in automatically citing their sources and references that they have used in writing their work. Available in both APA format and MLA format, this program comes in really handy for high school and college students who have long lists of sources that are usually required by their instructors.

To use this utility is very easy. The first step is to choose the citation style: APA format or MLA format. If you do not know which style to use, consult with your instructor. Normally, the APA format is used for psychology and criminology papers, as well as scientific research in nursing, medicine, economics, business, and other health-related fields, while the MLA format is prescribed for essays or research papers that deal with literature, philosophy, language studies, fine arts, and other related fields in the humanities. Always follow your professor’s instructions.

Select the type of the source that you wish to cite, for example: book, website, journal, newspaper, or magazine. For a book, you need to provide a book’s ISBN (International Book Standard Number), which is usually located at the back cover of a book. For example, if you wish to cite the paperback centennial edition of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand published by Plume in 2005, key in 0452286360, and the citation maker will give you the exact book. If you cannot locate the ISBN, you can also type a particular book title or an author’s name into the form, and the citation maker will do a quick search and show you relevant search results regarding the book. You can do the same for a journal, newspaper, and magazine. Just key in the article title and the program will show you indexed search results. For a website, you need to enter the website’s complete URL or web address, for example:

The next step requires you to key in the publication details or the citation elements. The citation generator gives you the option to cite the entire book, and you also have the option to refer to a particular chapter, section, or pages. The APA format requires you these typical bibliographical elements to generate a proper citation, so make sure you have them: the complete title of a specific reference work, such as titles of books, magazines, newspapers, and individual articles. Enter the required data into their respective forms and the citation generator will run to automate results. Below are some examples:

APA format:

Rand, A. (2005). Atlas Shrugged. New York: Plume.

MLA format:

Rand, Ayn. Atlas Shrugged. New York: Plume, 2005.

Once you have the citation all you have to do is to copy and paste it onto your works cited page or reference list, and alphabetize each entry according to authors’ last names.