APA reference page

Creating an APA reference page or bibliography when writing a paper, an essay, an article or a research paper is very important even if it is not mandatorily asked to be included. The reason for this is that a reference or bibliography can help you keep a trace or record of all the basis and accumulated information you’ve used during the course of your writing. That is why, you need to know and employ the best layout in presenting such important basis of information to your readers. This is for them to easily grasp the information and reliability of your subject matter.

A reference section is a page where it contains every single sources of the information actually included in your study. A bibliography on the other hand contains a list of all sources of information you either used or not in your study. Below is a listing of the things to follow when using an APA citation.

  • Bibliographys should always be written on a new sheet together with the heading “References” which should be written at the uppermost center of the APA reference page.
  •  Collect and record all sources related to your study even if you are not certain that you will be using it, so that it would be easier for you to organize your APA reference page.
  • In an APA reference page an APA reference should be generated for each source of information expended following an explicit arrangement. All sources particularly the writers’ last names are to be arranged in an alphabetical sequence and should follow double-spacing. It also follows a specific margin called hanging indent where the first line of each written source should be leveled to the left, and the other succeeding lines should have a few intervals to the right of the left margin.
  • An annotation which is a concise assessment for each source of information used should in also be generated although it’s not typically done. But in some instances that it is required, an annotation of about 150 words description of the information, its reliability and relationship to your study should be generated. This is to help you select which information to employ and shows your teachers how you’re doing in your project.

Sample of a Reference Page in APA Citation


Alonso, J. P. (2011). This in an Article. This is the Journal, 19, 10-15.

Besto, A. C. (2006). Book title: Subtitle here. London: Eve Publishing.


Benefits of Writing an APA reference page

APA reference page makes your queries and writing activity simple and uncomplicated to do. It helps you list down and record what information you use in your paper and where you have gotten that information. This will lessen your difficulties and tension during the writing process.

It may not be obligatory for annotations or marks to be written together in an APA reference page but it can also be very beneficial during the writing process. The reason for this is that such marks aid you in learning and understanding your subject matter, and most especially in assessing different sources of your information.