APA Format Example: Things to Note about Proper Formatting

Different format for papers and researches are introduced but one of the most required is the APA format, which was conceptualized and set by the American Psychological Association in 1929. Basically this is the most used format for student papers in the field of education, social sciences and psychology. And since the guide is so broad in takes a little time to master everything. So instead, people or students who need this for their essays or research papers are looking for APA format example for their guide.

To help you comprehend one of the most academic and professional paper presentations, here are the APA format example style guide basics that you should know and remember.

Before going into the details you should first know that the essay or the research in an APA format should be typed double spaced in a standard size paper with one each margins on all sides.


Headings are essential for the papers as far as proper formatting is concerned. So for the APA format, the headings should include the words “Running head:” plus the title of the paper in capital letters. Basically the header looks something like this: Running head: TITLE OF THE PAGE HERE.

Title Page

Some teachers may require a title page. In this case, the APA title page format includes the running head (the header), the title of the paper on the first line, the complete name of the student (your name) on the second line, and the institution or the university you are in on the third line. As for the APA title page everything should be set in center text.


APA also has format for the paper’s abstract. Basically an abstract is a brief summary of the paper from the methods used to the findings and the conclusions. APA advises that the abstract should present the summary in just 150 to 250 words. Make it concise and readable in the shortest word count possible.

In text Citation

The format includes the APA citation style and one of it is the in text citation. In text citation is presented by putting the author’s last name and the date in parentheses at the end of a quoted text. This is needed to avoid plagiarism and to facilitate proper referencing. The in text citation for APA format example looks like this: …only 20 percent of the population read and buy books nowadays (Jacob, 2011).


Another page that conforms to the APA citation is the reference page. Every paper should have references or the citation page after the last page of the essay or the research. The reference page contains information about the sources you use in your paper. There are two common sources are books and articles and referencing them is a little different. Both though uses period after every other information in one entry.

For book citation the APA format example comes with these elements in order: author (last name, first name initial), publication date inside the parentheses, title of the book, place of publication, and publisher. Basically, it would look like this:

Jacobs, H. (2011). The Reading America. Los Angeles, California. Sigma Printing.

For article citation the APA format example comes with these elements in order: author (last name, first name initial); publication date inside the parentheses; title of the article; and, title of the book, magazine, journal or newspaper you retrieved the article from plus the page where the article can be found. It would look something like this: Ramsey, J. (2003). Who Reads and Who Doesn’t. The Living Magazine, pp. 34-38.

Learn these basics and be familiar of the APA style so the next time a professor requires you to use the format it will be easy for you to do so.